Sunday, 8 November 2015


i had a surprisingly busy halloween. i had originally made some big plans in my head about going to london but then i got even more broke (yay) and also the thing i wanted to go to sold out (and i hadn't even considered i might need to get a ticket in advance) so i had to stay in medway. but i'd booked saturday off (i always work saturdays these days, ewww) and i kept that plan at least. i had to go to work on friday instead, and after work i ran around getting last minute things for a costume and also checking out halloween wares cos it's year round decorations / houseware for me, and eventually got home with pizza and cheap white facepaint. i went to a gig my local friends organised on friday dressed as a skeleton. (my original costume plans also fell through due to lack of ££££ and time / resources) i put on heaps of £1 white facepaint i got from wilkinsons (NEVER AGAIN. it was really thin and covered fuck all and shrunk when it dried and thus hurt my face and ooh it cracked so much. next time i need to paint my face, pls remind me of this and tell me to get the good stuff.) and black eyeliner. i did an ok job but the eyeliner coverage wasn't brilliant. luckily i'd bumped into suze (ex-sean bean death scene drummer, and one of the people putting on the gig) in poundland and she told me she was bringing all the facepaints with her & i could borrow some if i didn't manage to finish my face at home, so i used some of her black facepaint to top up on the eyesockets while she finished off her twisty the clown make up. i took some pictures of the bands of course but i'll post those another time i think.. (i also took pictures of some of the other costumes but it was dark and my little camera hates people and mostly made people look less amazing than they did in real life.. ugh. i miss having a dslr that works)

saturday i was going to edit the photos, watch something spooky in my pyjamas and chill. i got up pretty late (didnt get home til 2am but that's more or less my usual bedtime these days anyway) and while i was browsing through my facebook feed, i noticed that Rochester Flea was happening that day. it's the last saturday of every month but since i've been working pretty much every saturday i haven't been away for something i haven't been able to go for months, if not more than a year? i mean, it's not like a 'real' fleamarket where you can find lots of crap with something really amazing thrown in for 20p cos the seller just wants to get rid of their old crap, it's more of an craft fair + vintage / antique fair, but it's pretty cute and nice people i know and hardly ever see go there. so i mulled it over for a bit, had breakfast and got dressed and decide FUCK IT i'll go out despite being tired, a bit on the grumpy funover side and too broke to buy anything (the main danger of going outside) and you know what, NO REGRETS. i took some nice pictures and i saw people i havent seen in a while and got a proper pep talk from someone (honestly, i needed that ♥) and i managed to NOT SPEND A PENNY. to be honest i didn't really see anything i really wanted or needed. anyway, here's some pictures from the flea market and shop windows etc that were actually decorated for halloween and so on.

flo makes cool things at
zara's best evs butt earrings and matching butt necklace.
when she makes some more, i think i def need one/some. cos butts are best.

on my way home from rochester i bumped in to my friend abi. she used to play guitar in my old band sean bean death bean. she invited me & carl to come over to hers later, she had people coming over and she was going to make pumpkin pie once she got home. and also she told me one of her cats (the one i hadn't met yet) was wearing a skull hoodie cos she's got some ailment ive forgotten the name of and she keeps scratching it. carl had been at work all day and was working on sunday so i knew he wouldn't be up for any socialising but i said i'd see if i could make it. i made some tasty as heck mac & cheese for dinner and since leaving the house earlier had worked out so well i decided fuck it, i'm going to go out again, and put on my favourite dress and while i waited for my phone to charge drew spider + spiderwebs on my face and attached some sparkly spiders in my hair. i couldn't be arsed to do halloween again Properly, and besides i'd kinda run out of the shit white facepaint anyway. and tbh i wasn't sure if anyone would be dressed up at abi's or not. but i still felt like doing _something_ since i 500% definitely care about halloween.

it was a pretty chill night. i arrive just in time cos there was ONE MORE PIECE OF PUMPKIN PIE LEFT. win. i didn't get too many kitty hangs but little dude (the one with the skull hoodie) was feeling a bit disgruntled cos of the hoodie and just stayed up out of reach on top of the fridge / bookshelves. she's the more sociable one of the kitties. nyx & ishtar aren't mega fans of crowds and mostly stayed in the bedroom. tbh they're not that into snuggles anyway. i got home about 2am again. with a copy of Sandman volume one. (i have a lovely habit of coming home from abi's with a book in my bag, usually one by neil gaiman. still need to return Neverwhere. will do it next weekend when it's her birthday and she's putting on a gig..)

anyway i have been 'writing' this blog entry all fucking week and i'm kind of sick of it and i want to get on with my life / write about something else soon (or not, though ive actually had some ideas etc etc) so this is it. see you later.

ps. nii ja tällä kertaa en jaksa suomeksi yhtään mitään sori not sori whatevör

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