Friday, 10 April 2015

GARDEN UPDATE: grow, grow, grow!

sori suomalaiset, en jaksa tänään puhua puutarhuroinnista suomeksi kun mun puutarhasanasto on englanniksi ja olen liian laiska kääntämään. lyhyt versio: suurin osa mun tomaateista kuoli mutta pistin hyvät tomaatit uusiin purkkeihin, chilipippurit pärjää ok ja mie pistin salaattia, yrttejä ja vadelmia kasvamaan.

gee, it appears it's been almost exactly a month since i wrote about my little gardening project. it wasn't intentional but i happen to have a gardening update.

it took about 2/3 weeks for the tomatoes i sowed in the seed trays to start peeking out of the dirt. funnily enough they sneakily did it while i was in sheffield zine festing. like nothing when i left and when i got home there was a bunch of green stuff sticking out of the dirt, and they were surprisingly big too! i was super excited and had a good feeling about them but.... they are all dead now. i'm not exactly sure what went wrong. they just got really spindly and long but didn't stay upright? the theory is that they didn't get enough sun. but i couldn't get them anywhere sunnier in the seed trays. the chillies are doing ok, i think cos they are still small enough for me to keep the propagator lid on. i actually need to just chuck the tomato seed trays cos they're making me feel bad D: i did have some more tomatoes growing in a seed pot on the window sill and it's doing super well so it's not all gone wrong! i think seed pots will probably be the way for me, as i can fit them on the actual window sill.

i repotted the beautiful healthy tomato seedlings the day before yesterday because when i got home i noticed that somehow the poor pot had been knocked over and the poor babies were covered in evil dirt! my ma-in-law had told me to not touch the stems when i eventually replant them but it was kinda had not to. replanting was surprisingly hard and i really hope i didn't fuck it up and kill them too. fingers crossed. they seem fine today. though the leaves are still a bit covered in dirt.. oops.

recently i got a little salad mix growing kit from poundland, i think it's been growing for about 2 weeks. i've only got little tiny seedlings peaking out of the compost so far but it's not looking too bad. also the seed pot chilli is doing pretty good. and today i sowed some coriander and basil and finally planted the part grown raspberry shrub my ma-in-law gave me a couple of weeks ago. the last couple of weeks had been if not cold, at least rather windy or a bit miserable so i hadn't felt like going on the balcony. and besides our fence had fallen over in the strong winds. and some other excuse. i still have some crocosmia bulbs to plant but i forgot what i was supposed to do.. not sure that whole fuschias and lupins plan is gonna happen btw. i just... i don't know. i'm honestly not entirely sure what to do once all this needs to come out of the little tubs D: but i think i'm fine for another month at least.

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