Friday, 10 April 2015

#FBF: MASS EMOTIONS &how to get them.

tuossa yksi yö mie selailin mun vanhojen livejournaalien läpi kun yritin ottaa selville että milloin mun pari todella vanhempaa zineä oli valmistunut. mie aloin kirjoittamaan livejournaliin ihan oikeasti 26. kesäkuuta 2001 eli mun 19vee synttärinä. ja kirjoitin sinne eri käyttäjänimillä johonkin kesään '09 asti aika vakituisesti kunnes 'kunnon' blogi ja tumblr ja vittu twitter olivat jotenkin jostain kumman syystä jännempiä ja kivempia kirjoitella. toisinaan on kyllä vähän ljtä ikävä. siellä mie 'tein' mun melkein kaikki internetti kaverit ♥ (ellei olla tutustuttu 2008 jälkeen) siellä oli kivaa ja salaisuuksia ja vaikka aina välillä kaikki sanoo että hei let's bring livejournal back se ei vaan oo enää yhtään sama.

no mutta kuitenkin, kun mie olin siellä mie löysin vanhoja kuvia, ja myös vaikeen kautta mun teinirunoutta (mutta sitä en ole kerenny vielä lukemaan kunnolla joten sitä en vielä jaa teitin kanssa.)

the other night i was trawling through my oldest livejournal entries as i was trying to figure out when some of my really older zines came out. unfortunaly even livejournal doesn't go back quite far enough to tell me when i made the first two. we will never know D: i started writing regularly in livejournal on my 19th birthday (26th June 2001) and i wrote there REALLY regularly and then not quite as regularly under many different usernames (i count about 10 different ones) until summer 2009. by then i got distracted by 'proper' blogging and tumblr and twitter and what have you and also most of my friends had stopped livejournaling as much/at all and the platform kept getting sucky all of a sudden. i do kinda miss livejournal, i made more or less all of my bestest internets friends there (unless we met after 2008) and we had fun and secrets and even though people say every once an a while things like LETS BRING LIVEJOURNAL BACK it just wouldn't be the same anymore.

anyway, while i was there i kind of totally found some hilarious old photos of me, and my teenage poetry (which i havent read yet so im not gonna share it with you yet, but lets just say i'd totally written a fake song called Queerophobic and another one about the you're wearing slutty clothes side of slutshaming and something that was essentially is a rebel girl ripoff. gosh i was such a baby queer feminist. none of these actually had music though cos i couldn't play/write music... can't decide if that's a good or a bad thing. but you know what, i will probably one day use some of this amazing retro material.)

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