Wednesday, 6 May 2015

new zine pre-orders and general buy my stuff pls / mainos tauko.

[suomeksi lopussa tällä kertaa..]

so i've decided to do pre-orders for my new zine cos i'm broke and stuff... your pretty face is going straight to hell #21 is going to be about moving to our new home and sense of home and whatever. (i'm still working on it, ok?) it will be done by the end of may (in time for some zinefests = DIY Cultures in london and Northwest Zine Fest in manchester) you can help me out by paypalling me £3 to (preferably as a personal payment with your address in the notes.) EXCEPT if you're outside uk, it's £4.50 for europe or £5.30 for everywhere else. that's basicly the usual £2 + postage. (i can't help overseas postage is ridic expensive and my zines are so damn thick they are always large letter = over 5mm. though i guess i could help the thickness by making them shorter... except i don't wanna. at least not this time. i totally understand if non-uk folks wanna wait til it's on the distro website and get something else at the same time for combined p&p)

speaking of the distro i added a bunch of new stock the other day week.. a bunch of zines like: brown girl, elderflower #1, fanzine ynfytyn #22, here. in my head #14, my head #15, i don’t bruise easily #1, i don’t bruise easily #2, i’m drawing a blank #2, mythologising me #9, rumlad #6/gadgie #31, rumlad #7, scratch that itch #4 and tempest in a teacup #7. and i made some 5" x 7" prints of some of my drawings, including new ones. they are £1 each, + postage.

i actually have two other brand new drawings (like i drew them this week) that i need to make prints of but i haven't had the chance to tidy up the scans yet (scanner why you so filthy? and why does any little speck of dirty show up real bad on prints even when not visible when viewing on photoshop??? ugh. actually some of the prints have some marks due to that reason. which is why they are £1 instead of £1.50 like i originally intended. no one will probably care / mind / notice but i know they're there and it's bugging me.) i also have some badges i've had in stock for ages, but haven't put up on the website for some reason. i just bring them along to zinefests. AND i have some crafty pursuits i wanna make to try to sell to you. gosh i'm gonna be busy if i wanna have all this stuff for the zine fests and finish that damn zine. it's pretty close to done. i have 30 whole pages all cut and pasted and ready to go. but unfortunately currently suffering ewwwy writer's block.

here's an honest moment: i would very much appreciate any orders. i'm kinda broke as heck, and it's making me very very anxious. i've been doing pretty well mental health wise but but but money worries have a tendency of not being good for me. i have a small pile of dresses i need to put up on facebook or depop or something, stuff that i don't wear anymore / for some reason. i'm even considering selling my blythe doll, but i have no idea what to ask for it though as it's a weird one, she doesn't have a scalp.. (also i kind of feel like i should ask my friend who gave the doll to me if it's ok, since it was a present.....) even some of my monster high dolls. anyway, i'm rambling. the point is i feel well awkward 'advertising' myself like this. but i would very much appreciate your help.

päätin tässä ottaa vastaan mun uuden zinen = your pretty face is going straight to hell #21 ennakkotilauksia. se on valmis toukokuun lopussa ja se 'kertoo' meidän muutosta ja kotihommeleista. se on suomeen £4.50 (noin 6,10 euroa) maksaa voi paypalilla osoitteeseen (mielellään personal paymenttinä ja osoite notes osioon) tai minun suomitilille (kysele asiasta sähköpostitse. postikulut ulkomaille ovat ankean kalliit, ymmärrän kyllä jos odotatte kunnon julkaisuun ja sitten voi ostaa distrosta jotain muuta samalla ja säästää postikuluissa. distrosta puheen ollen mie lisäsi tuossa yx viikko paljon lisää uusia zinejä jotka hankin jo maaliskuun sheffieldin reissulla mutta enpä saanut aikaiseksi. niin ja tein myös 18cm x 12½cm (5 x 7 tuumaa) kokoisia printtejä mun piirrustuksista, pari niistä on ihan uusia..

ja tämä on mainoksen loppu..


  1. Laitoin rahaa tulemaan. Jee, uusi zine! :)

    1. jeeeee kiitos! ♥ ♥ ♥