Thursday, 12 March 2015

OMG NEW ZINE. and zine festing!

hey i just finished a new zine called I'M DRAWING A BLANK #2 and it's a collection of drawings. i've got 20 copies hot off the press that i'm taking to Sheffield Zine Fest this weekend. i also made a little 'rambled excuses why i haven't made a proper (per)zine in a whole year' mini zine that makes no sense/will interest no one who doesn't either know me or read my zines. i propably wont make any more copies of it but it does fold out to a poster of yours truly ha ha ha (or a drawing called girls girls girls) I'M DRAWING A BLANK #2 is 22 pages and £1 and the mini zine is free with other zines especially if you buy one of my older issues. 
so yes, i will be at SHEFFIELD ZINE FEST this saturday tabling with VAMPIRE SUSHI DISTRO. and i'm also doing a mini zine workshop at 1pm! for more info visit their facebook event page and/or twitter. if you can make it, you should totally come! it’ll be mythird year in row and it’s always been lots of fun. maybe this year i’ll finally make it down the helter skelter in the reception of the venue?

i'm hopping a train to london to catch a megabus to yorkshire straight after work tomorrow so i should probably go pack up the distro stock and a change of clothes etc. i have no idea what to wear. halp! see you in sheffield?



  1. omg babely new blog layout <3

    1. thanks babe! though tbh i mostly recycled bits from the old one.... <3