Wednesday, 10 June 2015

all filler no killer #blogeverydayjune

(tänään en vaan osaa suomeksi.)

im kind of totally suffering from writers block at the moment. i'm staring at my suggested subjects list and nothing works today. i slept / stayed in bed until almost midday and got our foods delivered and i made us frittata for lunch and it was tasty but it fell apart. i thought about doing some gardening cos i need to repot some babies and i finally got more compost the other day. mostly i'm just staying up too late watching pretty little liars. i want to write so bad but i can't make anything come out. i made burgers and accidentally pink coleslaw for dinner and it was yummers. but mostly i've been watching more pretty little liars. oops. maybe tomorrow i'll manage to do something worthwhile. but for now i think i'm just gonna tell y'all i updated the vampire sushi distro website with a bunch of new zines and stuff the other day:

NEW IN STOCK: autoclave heart #1, being unusual, forever incomplete #2, forever incomplete #2.5, hard femme #3, kitchen-free cookbook, lipstick and jellybeans, milk and apples #4, milk and apples #5, milk and apples #6, mythologising me #10, rumlad #8, summer survival, telegram #35, telegram #36, telegram #37, your pretty face is going straight to hell #21
BACK IN STOCK: forever incomplete #1, here. in my head #15, scratch that itch #4, sonorus #1

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